Scheduling Your Root Canal Appointment

Scheduling Your Root Canal Appointment
It was an excellent experience. I found Dr. Fay Mansouri very knowledgable and caring endodontist. Also, the friendly office staff are super organized and very helpful.

When you call our office, a friendly voice will be able to guide you through scheduling your root canal appointment. Our office hours are flexible, and we always make time to see emergency patients.

We are an endodontic practice that specializes in root canals, retreatments and Apicoectomy surgeries. We use top of the line equipment including microscopes, digital radiographs, and electronic forms.

If you are experiencing a lot of pain, let our staff know. Irvine Endodontics will do everything they can to get you seen by a doctor and back to smiling as soon as possible..

You will need to give some information that you might be able to simple recall.  Here’s a list to help you prepare:

  • Who is your Dental Insurance Provider?
  • Who is the Primary Subscriber on you Dental Insurance?
  • What is the primary subscriber’s date of birth?
  • What is the primary subscriber’s identification number?
  • Who is your General Dentist?
  • What is your General Dentists telephone number?
  • Do you have any medical condition that requires you to take an antibiotic prior to being treated by a dentist?

You can find a general dentist in orange county Here

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