Laughing Gas for Root Canal Treatment


At Irvine Endodontics, we work hard to ensure patients are comfortable and relaxed throughout endodontic treatment. Since many people feel nervous about having a root canal, we offer laughing gas to help reduce anxiety and make the experience more pleasant.


What is Laughing Gas?


 Laughing gas is nitrous oxide administered in our office though a mask placed over the mouth and nose. The gas produces a calming effect, but allows the patient to remain awake, alert and responsive throughout treatment. Laughing gas is very safe, and its sedative properties wear off quickly. In fact, patients who have undergone nitrous oxide sedation can drive themselves home after endodontic treatment.


Is Laughing Gas Right for You?

You may benefit from laughing gas during your root canal if you have apprehensions about endodontic treatment. For more information about nitrous oxide sedation, contact our office. 








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