Irvine Endodontics Reviews

Read Irvine Endodontics Reviews! All testimonials on our website by patients who have been to our office.

Brenda G.

 I was so scared when I went in for a root canal but everyone there was so nice! They sure know how to make you feel comfortable they go step by step with you it was great! I have no pain at all smooth process 🙂

Melanie T.

I could not be more satisfied with my experience. She was extremely prompt and precise and skillfully worked on two patients at once. I don't think I would easily feel comfortable with my Dr. multitasking between my intensive procedure and an emergency patient anywhere else but I knew I was in good hands

Nancy F.

Even though my friend that referred me had nothing but praise for this office, I was still a little nervous to have my root canal last Friday....but I had the best experience! Starting with Karen at the front and the warm friendly staff that greet you and make you feel comfortable (and less nervous) to Dr Cho, seriously a great experience. Dr Cho is so good at what he does, I actually Fell Asleep during the procedure so the time just flew. Gorgeous office too. Hopefully I never need another root canal but if I did, I would never go anywhere else.

Freddie S.

Coming to this appointment wasn't the way I wanted to spend my Friday afternoon. But I honestly have to say I left a totally different person. Dr. Cho & his staff made my experience so comfortable & easy I had to let others know. I had my appointment this afternoon & I have been pain free since. It is now midnight. Dr. Cho is very caring, professional & works with diligence. There were so many extras that they did to make you feel comfortable, I was very impressed. This office is definitely the place you want to schedule your procedure with.

Ash W.

So I had a root canal that had been referred for potential retreatment from my general dentist. It had been hurting about 6 months, but I didn't have the extra $ to deal with it. 
I was originally referred to a different endodontist whom didn't even spend 5 minutes with me, or look in my mouth and told me I needed retreatment at the tune of $1900! 

I ran! And Yelped! And found Irvine Endodontics. 

Best. Choice. EVER!

I had an initial consultation where Dr. Fay actually took time to look in my mouth and at my Xrays. She then asked me to have historic Xrays sent to her office as I had the original work done 3 years hence and she wanted to see any changes. I scheduled a recheck 2 weeks out with her.

Second meeting after reviewing everything she tells me I don't need a retreatment, gives me a solution to make it stop hurting and sends me on my (ecstatic) way. 

Now it's a week later and I have been actively using her recommendations and my mouth pain is practically gone! I am totally kicking myself for not going 6 months ago. I would highly recommend Irvine Endodontics. Super honest and I ended up paying only for the $100 consultation.

David C.

Everything about Irvine Endodontics was efficient and professional from start to finish. The staff really went out of their way to make the patient (me) feel at ease and comfortable. Dr. Cho did a very precise, skillfully executed job.

Debbie D.

This place is amazing! After much pain and 3 root canals I am finally pain free! Comfort is a high priority at Irvine Endodontics. From the blanket to keep you warm to the headphones to help you relax. I've already started recommending this office to my friends.

Aira H.

Was referred by my dentist to do my root canal, and I highly recommend them to everyone who need the root canal! They are very detail and thoughtful. The official tour to get familiar with the environment, and the comfort menu (for blanket/music, pillow) is what I've never seem before. The most important part is Dr. Mansouri! She is super nice and very detail and gentle and fast! I always has problem to open my mouth wide because of my TMJ issue, and always has to suffer couple days of sour and pain after I did a work on my back teeth. But after my root canal by Dr. Mansouri, I don't have that kind of sour and pain problem!! LOVED IT!!!

Heather V.

FINALLY, AN OFFICE THAT UNDERSTANDS DENTAL ANXIETY AND THE IMPORTANCE OF PATIENT COMFORT. To say I dislike anything dental is an understatement.  Luckily I made it 38 years until my first root canal.  I am so glad that I found Irvine Endodontics.  The staff was friendly and genuinely cared, and Dr. Cho was amazing.  They had multiple options to ease my anxiety, and I ended up napping through most of the hour long procedure. They were all amazing.

Yvonne L.

I needed a re treat on an old root canal. Dr. Cho was the nicest dentist ever!! He was kind and caring and explained to me everything he was doing and gave me all the options of treatment. My tooth had a guarded prognosis and he gave me his honest opinion which proved to me he was not about the money but my best interest. He took his time in treating me and took me in the same day I called and stayed late. His staff also excellent and caring. I would recommend him to everyone.

Thank you Dr. Cho for AAA treatment

Yvonne Lohstroh

Lily J.

DR. CHO IS A GOD! I'm in utter amazement at how great he is.  So thorough. They run a practice that is out of this world and unlike any dentist visit I have ever had or could ever have in my life. I love that man's work! DO NOT HESITATE! BOOK YOUR APPT!

I had a root canal that had gotten pretty bad and he handled it.  They surprise you with a lovely gift and earphones to listen to tunes during your procedure which helps. I got cold and was given a lush brown warm blanket. I can't say enough.

I loved seeing him using all those high tech tools and looking through that microscope. It made me feel like he was really getting the job done right. Amazing.