Video Introduction

Listen to what our patients, referring offices and our doctors have to say about Irvine Endodontics.

“Our goal at Irvine Endodontics is to give out patients a very comfortable and positive experience. I try to explain the procedure: whats going on, what we are going to do, step by step. That eases their anxiety and stress.

The best part of our job is that patients who come in extreme pain and very uncomfortable when they walk out the door to see them happy and relieve them of that pain that’s just a wonderful feeling.” -Dr. Jason Cho

“I understand nobody wants to have a root canal, I notice people are nervous and anxious and that’s one of the reasons why they post pone treatment: until the point they can not tolerate the pain. So when they come I want to make sure people remember their experience here in our office as one of the best experiences in a dental office.”-Dr. Fay Mansouri

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